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Weddings are a true epitome of romance.

Beautiful celebrations of your love story that marks the beginning of a new era. Honeymoons on the other hand are the first chapter, enabling you to savor that sweet newlywed feel… a beautiful stepping stone into your future. As such, each of those iconic moments deserves its own spotlight in your memory lane. That is why ‘where’ and ‘how’ they are captured will play a great role in documenting visual keepsakes. Even though the image trends have been progressing through the years, as an experienced Bora Bora photographer I have found one thing that has maintained a strong imprint on couples - the timeless feel of photography.

When it comes to capturing Bora Bora weddings and honeymoons, my photography style is light and airy, as an ode to that timelessness. This wonderful island offers awe-inspiring backdrops that are very vivid and rich in color, making this soft style ideal. It enables me to keep the tones true to life and more importantly, natural. With my photos, I want to evoke the same feeling as the day of the wedding or the raw romance of your honeymoon experience - with all of the allure, emotion, charm, colors, visuals, and essence. Keeping everything how it looked and felt like.

Because there is plenty of natural light, as a Bora Bora photographer I find this light and airy style to be perfect for portraits. Furthermore, the natural uncluttered surrounding creates an ethereal backdrop that completes the wedding ceremony most beautifully.

Bora Bora just oozes with romance which creates the perfect setting for couples photography. With a slightly enhanced palette and a natural light source, I am able to capture artful images of your magical honeymoon moments together.

With my soft editing touch, I complete that unique timeless feel. Candid emotions with a classic allure that are made to be cherished and adored for years to come. And in essence, that is the beauty of it - light and airy will always look beautiful and up to date even after decades.

If you find my style aligned with your vision and preferences, get in touch. As a professional Bora Bora photographer, I will be honored to capture your love story on this stunning island.

Four Seasons Bora Bora Photographer

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