Sasha Popović

Freelance Photographer based in Bora Bora – French Polynesia

I have always being in the route. Born in Yugoslavia, Dubrovnik. I had to move to Montenegro at the age of 2 year old and then to Serbia at the age of 12. Even if that early forced movements were not easy I can always see the positive aspect of everything and this moments of my young life form my character. Always seen the positiveness of things in life, I easily play the real problems down, focus the things really maters and develop the ability to adapt to rapid changes. Today I live a dream living and working on Bora Bora capturing with my camera unique and magical seconds of this life making unforgettable memories. My goal is to explore the world in a real way, to meet the people in the daily life and share the quotidian with them, to sleep, eat and move as they move, to grow my experience personal and professionally speaking and to discover more about who Sasha is. That is the color or the real life that I dream.

Awards | Publications


  •  PSA | Bronze – Photojournalism | Covering Catalan crisis in Barcelona.