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Exploring St. Regis Bora Bora: Unveiling Photography Costs, Best Location & Packages for 2024

Embark on a journey to the idyllic St. Regis Bora Bora and discover the best photography locations, packages, and costs for capturing your unforgettable memories.


Wedding photography in bora bora

Exploring St. Regis Bora Bora: Unveiling Photography Costs Best Location & Packages for 2024

Explore St. Regis Bora Bora, a haven for photography. From overwater bungalows to turquoise lagoons, capture stunning moments with a Bora Bora photographer's eye. Mount Otemanu provides a majestic backdrop. Whether it's intimate shots, romantic sunsets, or vibrant coral reefs, every frame is a masterpiece. Enhance your experience with amenities like private yacht excursions. For photography packages, connect directly with the events or concierge team. Immerse yourself in this tropical paradise, where every click tells a story.

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St. Regis Bora Borra Photographer



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150 retouched PHOTOS



With 3 hours available, you can cover the entire resort and capture its essence.

Explore different areas, including the Bungalow deck, Bungalow bridge, Spa area, Lagoonarium, Reef, Main dock, Main beach, Oasis pool, and the Water hammock.

This comprehensive itinerary allows for a variety of stunning backdrops.


Start at the Spa area for a serene ambiance.

Explore the Lagoonarium for underwater beauty.

Continue to the Main Beach for a tropical backdrop.

Finish with shots on the Water Hammock, creating a dreamy scene.

Alternatively, consider combining the Bungalow deck, Bungalow bridge, Spa area, and Lagoonarium for a diverse range of settings.


Begin at the Bungalow deck for stunning views.

Move to the Bungalow bridge for a unique perspective.

Capture some shots at the Main dock for a picturesque setting.

End the session at the Spa area or the Lagoonarium.

68.000 xpf

105.000 xpf

140.000 xpf




Wedding Photography in St. Regis Bora Bora1

Each location at the St. Regis Bora Bora presents its unique charm, allowing you to create a diverse and enchanting collection of photographs during your photoshoot.

Bungalow deck: The Bungalow deck is a private and elevated area attached to your bungalow. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding turquoise lagoon and lush tropical landscape. The wooden deck provides a luxurious and intimate setting for capturing stunning photos.

Bungalow bridge: The Bungalow bridge connects different parts of the resort and often overlooks the tranquil lagoon waters. It offers a unique perspective, allowing you to capture photos with the sparkling lagoon as your backdrop. The bridge adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your shots.

Main dock: The Main dock is a picturesque spot where boats and yachts are docked. With the stunning backdrop of the crystal-clear lagoon and the distant views of the iconic Mount Otemanu, this location provides a classic and timeless setting for your photoshoot.

Spa area: The Spa area is a tranquil oasis within the resort. Surrounded by lush vegetation and soothing water features, this location exudes serenity and relaxation. It offers a peaceful environment for capturing intimate and rejuvenating moments during your photoshoot.

Lagoonarium: The Lagoonarium is a natural sanctuary where you can witness vibrant marine life up close. This spot is perfect for underwater or semi-submerged shots, capturing the beauty of colorful fish and coral reefs. It offers a unique opportunity to incorporate the stunning marine environment into your photos.

Main beach: The Main beach is a pristine stretch of powdery white sand, bordered by swaying palm trees and the sparkling lagoon. This location provides a quintessential tropical beach setting, ideal for capturing sun-kissed shots, romantic moments, or playful beach scenes.

Water hammock: The Water hammock is a floating hammock positioned in the shallow waters of the lagoon. It offers a luxurious and relaxing experience while providing an extraordinary setting for capturing dreamy and idyllic photos surrounded by the crystal-clear lagoon.

Oasis pool: The Oasis pool is a stunning infinity pool nestled within the resort's lush gardens. With its cascading waterfalls, serene atmosphere, and lush greenery, this location provides a peaceful and secluded setting for capturing elegant and tranquil photographs.

These diverse locations offer a range of backdrops, from breathtaking vistas to serene and intimate settings, ensuring a variety of stunning photographs during your photoshoot at the St. Régis Bora Bora.

Experience the enchantment of St. Regis Bora Bora, where each moment transforms into a cherished memory.

These locations offer a diverse range of settings, including waterfront views, lush gardens, architectural features, and serene atmospheres. You can choose from these options to create a unique and varied photoshoot experience at the St. Regis Bora Bora.

• Bungalow deck

• Bungalow bridge

• Main Dock

• Spa area

• Lagoonarium

• Main beach

• Water hammock

• Oasis Pool

Best time & light for your photoshoot at the St. Regis Bora Bora

As a Bora Bora photographer, I'm delighted to share my insights on the best times of day for capturing captivating wedding and honeymoon photos.

Morning Session (8:00 AM - 11:00 AM)

The early morning hours offer a unique charm and distinct advantages for capturing breathtaking wedding and honeymoon images. The low-angled sun bathes the island in a warm, golden glow, creating vibrant colors and enhancing the natural beauty of Bora Bora's turquoise lagoon and lush greenery. This is also the ideal time to photograph the island's iconic Mount Otemanu, bathed in soft morning light.


  • Vivid Colors: The morning light brings out the vibrant shades of Bora Bora's landscape, from the cerulean lagoon to the lush foliage.
  • Dramatic Sky: The morning can create stunning backdrops, adding drama and visual interest to your photos.
  • Less Crowds: Mornings are typically less crowded, allowing for more intimate and serene shots.
  • Mount Otemanu Views: The iconic Mount Otemanu is often shrouded in mist during the day, but in the early morning, its peak emerges from the clouds, creating a picturesque backdrop.


  • Bright Sun: The early morning sun can be quite intense, making it challenging for those with sensitive eyes.
  • Limited Time: The morning session is shorter, so it's important to be organized and efficient.

Sunset Session (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)

As the day draws to a close, the sky transforms into a canvas of fiery hues, creating an enchanting backdrop for capturing romantic and evocative wedding and honeymoon photos. The soft, warm light of the setting sun casts a gentle glow over the island, adding a touch of intimacy and romance to your images.


  • Romantic Atmosphere: The soft, golden light of the setting sun creates a romantic and intimate ambiance for your photos.
  • Soft Colors: The warm, diffused light produces soft, pastel colors, making for dreamy and ethereal images.
  • Dramatic Cloudscapes: The sunset can create breathtaking cloudscapes, adding a touch of drama and visual interest to your photos.
  • Family-Friendly: The sunset session is a popular choice for family photos, as the gentle light is flattering for all ages.


  • Predictability: Sunset times can be somewhat predictable, making it more challenging to capture a unique and spontaneous feel.
  • Shorter Duration: The sunset session is shorter, so it's important to be mindful of time and plan your shots accordingly.


Ultimately, the best time for your wedding or honeymoon photo session depends on your preferences and the desired mood of your photos. If you seek vibrant colors and dramatic skies, the morning session offers an unmatched visual spectacle. For a romantic and intimate setting, the sunset session is the perfect choice.

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